100% of the unrestricted pledges to SEED’s Annual Campaign will be used to “Meet the Match” until the $500,000 goal is achieved. Unrestricted pledges above the $500,000 amount required to “Meet the Match” will be directed at the discretion of SEED to the General Education Fund or other areas of greatest need.

Ways to Donate

Donate Online Using PayPal

To donate to SEED, choose a donation amount and then click the “Donate” button below. You will be taken to PayPal where you can complete the process.

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Greatest Need: Gifts that help the district direct funds where needed most.
Expeditionary Learning: Support resources, labs and programs as well as new learning resources, tech support.
Fine Arts: Support drama, music, and arts programs, endowed chairs, related resources.
Athletics: Support completion of athletics facilities and resources for student athletes.
Advanced Academics & College Placement: Fund resources, staff support for guidance counseling, college placement, and AP courses.
Environmental Education: Support and expand Watershed Wisdom, water education, and outdoor education programs.
International Language: Support language instruction for elementary through high school programs.
Student Well-being & Recreation: Support recreation and student engagement activities that promote student well-being.
Long-Term Growth: Contributions that will help build a long-term source of financial support for the district.

Or, Mail Your Donation To:

Shorewood SEED Foundation
P.O. Box 71235
Shorewood, WI 53211

Suggested SEED Giving Levels:

  • Champion: gifts greater than $3,000
  • Promoter: $1,000 – $2,999
  • Advocate: $500 – $999
  • Supporter: $100 – $499
  • Partner: $99 or less

SEED is a 501(c)(3) corporation formed under Wisconsin law. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed. Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 04-3750042.