SEED Donors Make a Huge Impact for Our Students

Watch the videos below to see the impact donors have for our students.

Support for the District Technology Plan

SEED donors generously raised $147,000 in 2017-18 for the multi-year District Technology plan for all 4 schools.

Learn about the IMPACT of the first installment of $45,000 for our third grade students at Atwater Elementary School.

SEED donors make a difference!

Support for New Director of Equity

Meet Sam Coleman, our new Director for Equity. SEED donors funded $70,000 for his position with an additional installment of $35,000 for next year. SEED donors make a significant IMPACT for all of our students.

Make an IMPACT. Be a SEED Donor

SEED Think Space

SEED donors made possible with $25,000, this newly renovated, innovative and modern work space at our Shorewood High School. Learn about the IMPACT of how this new work space is assisting our high school students.

Support for Design Thinking Fellows

For three years, SEED donors have annually funded $16,000 to support the Design Thinking Fellow program which is partnership between the Shorewood School District and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Lubar Entrepreneurship Center. 27 Shorewood teachers have participated, over 15 courses have been re-designed and developed and the IMPACT for our students is significant for years to come.

Shorewood In Third Year of Design Thinking Fellows Program

YOU make a difference!

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