SEED funded $83,299 in grants in 2015-2016. $18,317 went towards mid-year grants and $64,982.09 funded the year-end grants.

Fully-Funded Grants

Atwater and Lake Bluff

Desktop Computer Labs for Lake Bluff and Atwater (2 Labs) — $31,890
Primary Applicant: David Eto

The purpose of this grant is to replace the computer labs at Lake Bluff Elementary and Atwater Elementary. These two labs are about seven years old, and they are showing their age. We (the district) need to make sure these labs have the best possible computers, as they are used heavily for testing, such as the new Forward Exam and MAP testing, as well as for class projects. Both labs need to be replaced this summer in order to maintain equity at both elementary schools.

Intermediate School

Math Chromebooks and File Cabinet — $3,877.47
Primary Applicant: Kelsey Cappellano

The purpose of this grant is to purchase five Chromebooks in each of our math classrooms (ten total) and a locked file cabinet for each math classroom to safely store the Chromebooks when not in use. All math students (7th and 8th graders) will benefit directly from this proposal which equals approximately 300 students.

High School

Lab Quest and Environmental Data — $14,088.82
Primary Applicant: Julie Cabaniss

The goal of this grant is to provide high school students with the tools to conduct authentic research and problem solve in both our science classrooms and out in the field on a level we are currently not equipped to do. The Vernier sensors will give students the ability to collect subtle changes in temperature, pH, conductivity, motion, temperature, which subsequently will provide data and evidence by which students can build arguments and continue their research. The Vernier Solar and Wind Energy Kits will allow Physical Science Students to truly understand how wind and solar energy work and the sensors will allow them to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of their own windmill design as well as give them the ability to analyze solar energy in depth. Students will be able to conduct energy audits of the Shorewood facilities and their own homes using these sensors.

Better Than a Smartboard — $856
Primary Applicant: Debra Schwin

This project is a test to see if the combination of an html friendly projector, an Apple-TV, a digital friendly screen and an iPad is a reasonable, more cost effective and upgradeable system than a Smartboard. The combinations should have most of the features of a Smartboard, and allows for reduced maintenance and software improvements.

Music Recording System — $3,779.80
Primary Applicant: Coleen Tutton

This proposal is for a music recording system to benefit the SHS and SIS orchestra, band, choir and theatre departments. This system will allow a high quality recording of student rehearsals and performances as well as immediate, efficient, and user-friendly playback in the classroom or on the students’ computer. The educational benefits and goals of such a system include analysis, reflection, and critique of their personal and group performances for discussion and improvement.

iMac Computers for SHS GradPoint Classes — $10,490
Primary Applicant: Susan Fox

The purchase of 10 iMac computers. These computers will improve the functionality of the online credit recovery program currently used by at-risk students at Shorewood High School. The purpose of the computers is to replace the existing computers purchased in 2009. At the end of the last school year, NovaNET, the original online program, was discontinued and the new program requires significantly more memory in order to perform reliably. These computers would also be available as additional resources as needed for building and district wide initiatives.