SEED funded $109,316 in grants in 2018-19.

Grant Submitter Description Amount
Total $88,191
Joe King and Brad Brist This grant enabled the Shorewood Drama Department to replace its wireless microphones system to comply with new legal restriction and upgrade aging equipment. $44,390
Eva Gulotta, Katie Koepsell, Inga Siler, Claire Sterr, and Abby Hansen This grant made it possible for the speech learning pathologists to implement Social Thinking across all school districts by enabling the purchase of the necessary materials. $1,924
Amelia Hernandez This request was for drawing tablets for the computers for the graphic arts lab. This equipment is used in a new digital illustration class being offered, as well as in all the other graphic art and design classes. The grant request also included some iPads as well as vinyl cutters. $9,958
James Weslaski Projector for Introducing Physical Activities $800
Jody Brooks This funding supported one of three FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) programs sponsored by the Shorewood Recreation Department. FIRST is a world-wide authentic learning program advancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). $2,836
Sara Kemp This grant helped to create a learning commons to align with the 21st-century learning styles which is student-centered and not teacher-centered. With this new design, SIS students will have access to mobile furniture, electrical power, space-saving storage, and room for hands-on learning. $9,300
Dustin Slusser This grant funded kits that allow students to be introduced to basic electronics and circuits with a focus on some of the most basic devices and functions. Through hands-on projects students can explore electricity, the behavior and parts of atoms, and sensing devices. $2,580
Mickey Chavannes/Colleen Miller This grant provided the 8th grade math teachers and students with the Apple Crayon by Logistics. With this tool students may easily write out, annotate, and record the work so the teacher can see if the students understand the math problems. $1,499
Tiffany Gaggioli This grant provided an enriched and updated library for a first-grade classroom. First graders grow about 16 reading levels through the course of the year, compared to two to three levels in other primary years. To help students read on grade level and enjoy reading, this library will provide interesting books at the students’ independent reading levels. $3,975
Liisa Church This grant was used to update Lake Bluff’s sound equipment and support the purchase of a mixer which is a fundamental tool to make balancing parts possible. A cordless lavalier mic will make it possible for students to move while they sing. Using monitors, possible with the new equipment, performers are able to hear the background music, as they should. $1,385
Janet Reinhoffer and Deb Sakai This grant funded an outdoor, including bench seating, teaching table. Studies have shown that students are more engaged, inspired, and on-task in outdoor classrooms. $1,500
Sara Starck This grant provided students with a digital (QR Code) listening library, so they will be able to self-select a story, scan the code on the cover, and be able to listen to the book independently or with a group of students. This will offer students many more opportunities to hear a “read aloud” each day, providing them with rich print experiences and developing their love of reading at a young age. $1,067
Christine Albrightson and Dominic Newman This grant funded wrist-based heart and fitness tracking, which will help to provide an interactive curriculum and an online journal. This technology will also provide students with a personalized and differentiated learning experience. $9,700