2020-21 Classroom Grants

2018-19 Grant Recipients

Shorewood SEED Foundation believes strong schools equal a strong community. Your donation to SEED helps provide teacher and district grants to enhance educational opportunities for our students.

$52,283.42 in grants and wishlist items funded during the 2020-21 school year

Grant Submitter: Moriah Weingrod
Grant Description: This grant will help fund Project Wayfinder social and emotional learning curriculum to be implemented in Guided Study at Shorewood Intermediate School. The costs include individual student account access and two full days of intensive training for staff. Project Wayfinder draws upon purpose development research, brain science, design thinking practices, and practices from native wayfinding traditions to design a purpose learning program that reimagines an adolescent education which supports students in building lives of purpose.
Grant Amount: $14,000.00

Grant Submitter: Christine Jacquart
Grant Description: This grant will help fund iPads for the World Language program at Shorewood High School.
Grant Amount: $11,820.00

Grant Submitter: Deb Sakai
Grant Description: This grant funded Pedal desks with whiteboard table for Grades 3 & 4 multi-age at Atwater Elementary School. Pedal desks provide students the ability to collaborate, learn, and exercise at the same time with another form of flexible seating options. Through Expeditionary Learning and respectful group work, students will develop Character and Citizenship skills as they collaborate with others on Expeditionary Learning (EL) case studies and service learning projects.
Grant Amount: $6,505.66

Grant Submitter: Johannna French
Grant Description: This grant will fund Zearn, a software based math program that will provide Atwater & Lake Bluff Elementary School students with self-passed digital lessons that they are able to engage with independently. Zearn offers learners an interactive environment where skills are taught and conceptual understanding is developed using situations and experiences that are as true to life as possible. Using Zearn as a complimentary resource to our Everyday Math curriculum within the classroom will ensure that every student has multiple ways in which to access grade level content. Through the use of Zearn, teachers are able to better meet the needs of their students. Students in turn develop the academic mastery needed to engage in Authentic Learning through the integration of skills and knowledge.
Grant Amount:  $5,000.00

Grant Submitter: Sophia Alcorta
Grant Description: This grant will fund the Art Department with a new Kiln for students at Shorewood Intermediate School. The new kiln will allow for faster and safer firing of ceramics projects for all students enrolled in art classes. It will also save the district money long term due to its energy efficient design. Some of the most memorable work a student can create utilizes tactile making stills employed in ceramics.
Grant Amount: $4,845.00

Grant Submitter: Perry Perkins
Grant Description: This grant will fund student and staff American Red Cross CPR Training at Shorewood School District Schools. The skills learned by the students and staff who take this course will benefit our schools and community greatly by reducing the time between a cardiac arrest and intervention. The funding will also help to incorporate this training into Shorewood babysitting and lifeguard training classes.
Grant Amount: $2,000.00

Grant Submitter: Todd Fendos & Averie Manke
Grant Description: This grant will help fund diversity books for 2nd Grade classrooms at Lake Bluff Elementary School. The addition will add many books with strong characters of diverse backgrounds for small group reading instruction, as well as for classroom libraries. Currently, there are a small number of titles that have children of diverse backgrounds. Many of our students are underrepresented in literature, and may find themselves disconnected in the engagement process. Seeing characters like themselves may provide students with a sense of confidence and validation. For all of our students, these books would provide opportunities to better understand perspectives they may never encounter, and help to cultivate compassion, awareness and understanding.
Grant Amount: $1,312.76

Swing Wishlist Donations

Funds from Swing Meets Showcase were used to support the following initiatives.

  • A cherry picker aerial work platform for the Shorewood High School Theatre Department in the amount of $5,000.00
  • Shorewood High School Youth Rising Up organization in the amount of $1,800.00