Board of Directors

The Shorewood SEED Foundation is an all-volunteer organization, which means more of your donated dollars go directly toward helping our schools and students. Our board is composed of parents of Shorewood students, dedicated community members, and liaisons from district administration and teachers.

Board of Directors

Melissa Nelsen, Co-President, Grants Committee Chair, Endowment Committee

Vashti Lozier, Co-President, Swing Committee, Grants Committee

Tracey Barrett, Annual Fund Chair

Shawn Brown, Treasurer, Finance Committee, Grants Committee

Ian Elfe, Finance Committee Chair

Erica Elia, Secretary, Marketing Committee, Swing Committee

Sarah Hammond, Welcome Committee Chair, Swing Committee

Megann Hendrix, Legal Advisor

Mandy Krueger, Swing Committee and Marketing Committee

Sarah Lehmann, Co-Chair Swing with Shorewood, Co-Chair Marketing Committee

Sarah McEneany, Endowment Committee, Marketing Committee

Angie Price, Co-Chair Swing with Shorewood, Co-Chair Marketing Committee

Reshunda Stephens

Christin Wille, BRUNch Run Chair, Dine with SEED Chair, Grants Committee, Swing Committee

Board Liaisons

Laurie Burgos, Superintendent

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for SEED, as we welcome community members to join marketing and event committees.