Board of Directors | Mission and Vision Statements | FAQs

The Shorewood SEED Foundation started in 2003 as a way to help maintain the highest standard of education. Annually, we raise and give back almost $200,000 to our Shorewood Schools and kids.

Board of Directors

  • Melissa Nelsen, President
  • Dawn Davis
  • John Florsheim
  • Alec Fraser
  • Laura Gough
  • Sarah Hammond
  • Lisa Kovalcik
  • Vashti Lozier
  • Sarah McEneany
  • Tracy Nickolaus
  • Kathy Rehbein
  • Christin Wille
  • Scott Yanoff

SEED Board Liaisons

  • Bryan Davis, Superintendent of Shorewood Schools
  • Ted Knight, Director of Advancement
  • Lance Weinhardt, School Board Representative
  • John Stanco, Teacher Representative

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To promote educational excellence in Shorewood’s Public Schools.


  • To ensure that each Shorewood public school student receives an education responsive to his or her talents and abilities, preparing the student to meet the challenges of the future.
  • To act as a catalyst in the community and provide the Shorewood School District with the financial resources necessary to continue its tradition of excellence and innovation.
  • To fund quality educational programming and initiatives in our schools that public resources are insufficient to support.

Goals and Objectives

  • To raise funds for Shorewood public schools via community-wide events, individual gifts, endowments and grants.
  • To work in conjunction with the Shorewood School Board, administrators and district educators to identify and approve projects which enhance educational excellence in Shorewood public schools.
  • To establish an endowment that provides long-term support.
  • To foster community cohesion among Shorewood residents regarding the value of Shorewood public schools.
  • To build and maintain alliances with other organizations supporting education in Shorewood; to remain aware of the identities and goals of these other supportive organizations.
  • To create a sustainable, fiscally responsible organization; keeping overhead low and maximizing contributions to the schools.
  • To maintain financial and organizational accountability through a system of public bylaws and a collaborative grant-making process.
  • To act solely as a fundraising mechanism; policy, lobbying and other forms of political advocacy are excluded.


Why does a public school need private funding?

School districts across the country are facing state funding challenges. They are relying on the support of parents and the community to maintain excellence in academic programs and student services. SEED is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to assist Shorewood Schools in meeting these challenges.

What is the General Education Fund (GEF)?

The GEF funds the school budget. When SEED makes a donation to the GEF, it helps offset costs the district would otherwise need to fund. This helps to prevent further cuts in teachers, aides, staff, and student services.

How will my gift be used?

When you donate to the Annual Campaign you may choose to designate funds to specific categories, such as curriculum, arts, health & wellness, GEF, and teacher and district grants.

What is SEED’s involvement with the Shorewood Excellence in Teaching Award?

SEED works together with the district to ensure coordinated priorities. A donor contributed money to Shorewood Schools via SEED to fund the Teaching Award. SEED has facilitated the process. No money SEED raises is being used to fund the award. An independent selection committee of educators and community members chooses the recipients.

The Shorewood School district has hired a Chief Advancement Officer to raise private funds; is this replacing SEED?

No, the new advancement position was established to complement the great things that SEED does to support the Shorewood School District. The new advancement officer will continue to expand fundraising efforts for Shorewood Schools, targeting corporate, foundation, and alumni donors for major gifts that can further support the District. SEED will continue to raise funds via the Annual Campaign and Special Events to support our schools and kids.