SEED was established in 2003 to promote excellence in Shorewood’s public schools through grants and other contributions that ensure staff and students have the resources they need to succeed. The Foundation aligns its giving with the District’s annual and long-term strategic priorities. SEED funds applications from schools, departments, and classroom educators that advance the District’s equity mission, support academic achievement/mastery, promote student physical & emotional wellness, and promote character development & a civic mindset, and help students contribute to a better world by applying their knowledge and skills to improve communities through citizenship and service; and be good stewards of the environment. SEED funds resources, equipment, and technology that help to implement these goals.

2021-22 Grants

$15,000     Go Guardian, student online safety, Jack Wallner, All, Instructional Technology, Mike Joynt, Teaching & Learning

$10,021     Summer School Literacy & Math, AT, LB, SIS, Mike Joynt & Amanda Jamerson

$2,366       Makerspace, SIS, Claire Bernatz & Mike Joynt 

$3,750       Courageous Community for Equity Program (facilitators/speakers, materials/books), All, Shana Lucas

$10,752     Microscopes & Prepared slides, SHS 9th grade Science, Traci Murphy

$3,000        Accessible Exercise Bike, SHS, SIS, Fitness Center, David Winger

$2,000        Orchestra Pit Instruments, percussion, accessories, case, SHS, Katherine Myszewski

$5,600         Electric string instruments, AT, LB, SIS, Melissa Honigman & Julie Nolan

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