2021-22 Grants

2021-22 Grant Recipients

Shorewood SEED Foundation believes strong schools equal a strong community. Your donation to SEED helps provide teacher and district grants to enhance educational opportunities for our students.

$185,910 in grants and wishlist items funded during the 2021-22 school year

District Grants

  • Children’s Hospital Mental Health Partnership with Shorewood School District in the amount of $97,300
  • Phonics program in the amount of $27,700
  • Fine Arts curriculum in the amount of $27,000

Teacher Grants

Grant Submitter: Regina Schindel
Grant Description: This grant will help fund an upgrade to equipment in the Shorewood High School Physics labs. Wireless physics cars and some updated Physics equipment for Physics labs will allow all students more detailed data, regardless of what math class they are in, to help with high order thinking and data analysis. Academic Mastery in a complex STEM course like Physics does require some advanced equipment to help students who need to see the Math accurately shown in data. Accurate data helps all students to see the Physics with minimal distraction for errors caused by inaccurate equipment. Students who have not had as many opportunities to explore using high tech equipment will be given that opportunity and be able to explore avenues that lead to STEM careers. This equipment can also be used in future enrichment courses that may be offered through Park and Rec department for district students in the event that is offered again.
Grant Amount: $10,980.00

Grant Submitter: Moriah Weingrod
Grant Description: This grant funded the Project Wayfinder social and emotional learning curriculum that has been implemented into Guided Study at Shorewood Intermediate School. The costs include individual student account access and two full days of intensive training for staff. Project Wayfinder draws upon purpose development research, brain science, design thinking practices, and practices from native wayfinding traditions to design a purpose learning program that reimagines an adolescent education which supports students in building lives of purpose. This is the second year of funding for this program.
Grant Amount: $8,500.00

Grant Submitter: Katherine Myszewski
Grant Description: This grant will help fund double reed instruments and supplies to students at Atwater & Lake Bluff Elementary Schools. The double reed instruments, bassoon and oboe, were not previously offered in elementary band. This current school year, Ms. Myszewski started offering these two instrument options to provide students with a full choice of band instruments. Unfortunately, the double reed supplies available to the elementary band have been limited and thus not as many students are able to have access to these instruments. This grant proposes purchasing a used oboe, so that each elementary school has one (currently there is one oboe shared between both schools). Additionally, this grant proposes three new bassoon cases with trolley (wheels) to help all students be able to transport this larger instrument to and from school. Finally, this grant is asking for additional reeds to support students who are unable to afford them.
Grant Amount: $2,655.00

Wishlist Donations

  • Canoes and a trailer to eliminate the need for annual rentals that will be used for Watershed Wisdom, Adventure Ed, and Environmental, Literature & Science classes at Shorewood High School in the amount of $10,000
  • Urban Ecology membership Atwater & Lake Bluff Elementary Schools in the amount of $1,075
  • Learn to Code Circuit Boards at Shorewood Intermediate School in the amount of $700