2022-23 Grants

2021-22 Grant Recipients

Shorewood SEED Foundation believes strong schools equal a strong community. Your donation to SEED helps provide teacher and district grants to enhance educational opportunities for our students.

$142,684 in grants and wishlist items funded during the 2022-23 school year

District Grants

  • $40,000 – Children’s Hospital Mental Wellness Initiative
  • $25,000 – Technology (graphic arts lab, security cameras, equity in home access)
  • $15,000 – Training to support new math curriculum
  • $10,000 – Teacher stipends for student support & leadership

Teacher Grants

Grant Online Safety and Security (All schools)
Grant Submitter(s):
 Jack Wallner, Mike Joynt
Grant Description: This grant funds Go Guardian, a digital safety and classroom management product which allows teachers to align student work during class time through a portal that directs students’ attention to specific online resources, closes off-topic tabs, monitors assignments, automatically activates lessons to start classes quickly, and applies district and school browsing policies that encourage digital citizenship both on- and off- campus.
Grant Amount: $15,000

Summer School Literacy & Math (LB, AT, SIS)
Grant Submitter(s):
 Mike Joynt & Amanda Jamerson
Grant Description: This grant provides summer school curriculum purchases of Lit Camp (reading) and Zearn Summer Intensive Series (math) for 120+ students in grades 2-7 to be piloted the summer of 2023. These new curricula are designed to address both gaps in instruction caused by the pandemic, as well as, to support individual students who will benefit from additional instruction to keep pace with grade-level reading and math work. 
Grant Amount: $10,216

Makerspace (SIS)
Grant Submitter(s): Claire Bernatz & Mike Joynt 
Grant Description: This grant provides materials used in hands-on, student-centered creative work and learning in the newly renovated Intermediate School Makerspace for 300+ 7th and 8th grade students. Makerspaces are creative environments that encourage students to explore skills and design processes with tools, technology and materials that are used in engineering, science, manufacturing, entertainment, the arts, and other fields. These spaces make curriculum relevant to young people and provide them with access to resources that can help build their interests and aptitudes. It extends classroom learning to meet the needs of advanced learners, students with disabilities and others by adding depth and breadth to existing curriculum.
Grant Amount: $2,366

Courageous Community for Equity Program (all schools)
Grant Submitter(s): Shana Lucas
Grant Description: This grant provides funding for speakers and materials/books used in the Courageous Community for Equity Project. The project provides a space for staff of color and allies to arrive at a deeper understanding of the racial inequities that impact students and staff of color in the Shorewood School district. Participants will engage in professional learning, community building and reflection activities that will allow them to explore their individual impact and create new practices in our schools in order to increase a sense of belonging. 
Grant Amount: $3,750

Microscopes & Prepared slides (SHS)
Grant Submitter(s): Traci Murphy
Grant Description: This grant provides for the purchase of 15 new compound microscopes and new prepared slides to replace broken and aging equipment that is no longer usable. This equipment is used by all 9th grade Biology students and provides students the opportunity to master microscope skills and provide hands-on, experiential learning that reinforces classroom learning and ignites a sense of wonder.
Grant Amount: $10,752

Accessible Exercise Bike (SIS, SHS, Fitness Center)
Grant Submitter(s): David Winger
Grant Description: This grant helps support the purchase of an accessible exercise bike that will be available to students with adaptive needs as part of gym class at Shorewood High School as well as to community members. This state-of-the-art adaptive exercise bike provides access to cardio and strength building workouts and will provide equitable access to wellness for students and the greater Shorewood community.
Grant Amount: $3,000

Orchestra Pit Instruments (SHS)
Grant Submitter(s): Katherine Myszewski
Grant Description: This grant funds the purchase of percussion instruments for use at Shorewood High School by students in the pit orchestra performing as part of the school musicals. 
Grant Amount: $2,000

Electric String Instruments (AT, LB, SIS)
Grant Submitter(s): Melissa Honigman & Julie Nolan
Grant Description: This grant provides electric string instruments for the elementary and intermediate school orchestra programs to share. These instruments enhance the ability of students to perform alternative styles of music and to be creative in their exploration of music, sparking interest and excitement and extending classroom learning.
Grant Amount: $5,600