• Welcome to the Shorewood SEED Foundation website. We are working hard to support the excellence of educational development in the Shorewood School system.


    …does a public school need private funding?
    School districts across the country are facing state funding challenges. They are relying on the support of parents and the community to MAINTAIN excellence in academic programs and student services.


    The Shorewood SEED Foundation started in 2003 as a way to maintain the highest standard of education. Annually, we raise and give back almost $200,000 (approximately 10% of the annual school budget) to our Shorewood schools and kids. Our Grants page has full details of our contributions to Shorewood schools.

    Donate, Attend, and Volunteer…

    -Donate: Annual Campaign
    -Attend: SEED’s Social Events
    -Volunteer: Please contact Melissa Nelsen at ShorewoodSEED@gmail.com

  we make a difference.   we create a long-term source of financial support for our schools.   we provide solutions to ensure our classes and programs are second to none.