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Vision 2025: A community-built plan

In early 2020, just prior to the COVID shutdown, our school district leaders gathered the community for six working sessions. The mission was to transform the district’s strategic plan to ensure all of our goals could be achieved equitably.

Then COVID hit, and SEED stepped up

While our district has been making progress on the strategic plan throughout the pandemic, it has had little financial support. Last year’s SEED donations went to cover pandemic-related costs.

Now, it’s time to invest in our kids’ futures

The goals of this year’s annual campaign will align with Vision 2025 to support:

  • Equity
  • Whole child wellness
  • Authentic learning and classroom innovation (via Classroom Grants)

Some of the critical initiatives the district plans for this year include:

  • Early Literacy Instruction: 4K – 4TH Grade
  • 4K – 12TH Grade: Integrated Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
  • Retainment of Staff of Color
  • Systemic Improvements for Equitable Student Results
  • Enhance Connectedness & Belonging for All Students and Staff

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