Board of Directors

  • Melissa Nelsen, President
  • Amy Cade, Board Member
  • Doris Dix, Board Member
  • John Florsheim, Board Member
  • Alec Fraser, Board Member
  • Beverly Goldberg, Board Member
  • Laura Gough, Board Member
  • Tracey Grabowski, Board Member
  • Sheila Jhansale, Board Member
  • Lisa Kovalcik, Board Member
  • Radhika Maheshwari, Board Member
  • Sarah McEneany, Board Member
  • Tracy Nickolaus, Board Member
  • Kathy Rehbein, Board Member
  • Stephanie Snyder, Board Member
  • Scott Yanoff, Board Member

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  • To promote educational excellence in Shorewood’s Public Schools.


  • To ensure that each Shorewood public school student receives an education responsive to his or her talents and abilities, preparing the student to meet the challenges of the future.
  • To act as a catalyst in the community and provide the Shorewood School District with the financial resources necessary to continue its tradition of excellence and innovation.
  • To fund quality educational programming and initiatives in our schools that public resources are insufficient to support.

Goals and Objectives

  • To raise funds for Shorewood public schools via community-wide events, individual gifts, endowments and grants.
  • To work in conjunction with the Shorewood School Board, administrators and district educators to identify and approve projects which enhance educational excellence in Shorewood public schools.
  • To establish an endowment that provides long-term support.
  • To foster community cohesion among Shorewood residents regarding the value of Shorewood public schools.
  • To build and maintain alliances with other organizations supporting education in Shorewood; to remain aware of the identities and goals of these other supportive organizations.
  • To create a sustainable, fiscally responsible organization; keeping overhead low and maximizing contributions to the schools.
  • To maintain financial and organizational accountability through a system of public bylaws and a collaborative grant-making process.
  • To act solely as a fundraising mechanism; policy, lobbying and other forms of political advocacy are excluded.

SEED Board Liaisons

  • Martin Lexmond, Superintendent of Shorewood Schools
  • Ruth Treisman, School Board Representative
  • Betsey Pichette, Teacher Representative from Shorewood Education Association