2014-15 Classroom Grants

2014-15 Grant Recipients

Shorewood SEED Foundation believes strong schools equal a strong community. Your donation to SEED helps provide teacher and district grants to enhance educational opportunities for our students.

$67,840.25 in grants funded during the 2014-15 school year

Grant Submitter: Connie Jaeger
Grant Description: This grant helped fund the purchase of a mobile computing cart for each elementary school. The mobile computing devices support district curriculum initiatives. There has been an exponential growth in the use of online resources, which increased demand for mobile devices at both elementary schools. The mobile computing carts will contain MacBooks, 32 at each school.
Grant Amount: $29,000 (we are supporting 50% of the cost at each elementary school)

Grant Submitter: Connie Jaeger
Grant Description: The grant funded a Chromebook cart for the Shorewood High School Integrated Wellness Department and will provide timely and relevant support for the integrated wellness of all the high school students. The new cart will replace the existing cart purchased in 2008, as well as provide a way to expand, enrich, and update student access to instructional resources. The cart will also be used for other building and district wide initiatives.
Grant Amount: $13,599

Grant Submitter: Kevin Kane
Grant Description: This grant funded Lab Quest technology to improve physics literacy at Shorewood High School. The LabQuest interface can be used as a stand-alone device, as a wireless sensor interface for Chromebooks, or as a computer interface to collect and display data. Consequently, the LabQuest interface can be used to update our current traditional physics labs, reinvent the traditional laboratory in our physics classes and prepare the students to use scientific equipment the provide unique opportunities for collecting and analyzing data.
Grant Amount: $5,733

Grant Submitter: Karen Grzybowski and Cindy Zauner
Grant Description: This grant partially-funded Shorewood High School Biology textbooks that replaced the current biology textbooks that were offered as an online resource. Students have requested hard copy books because of one or more of the following reasons: they find hard copies easier to read (eye strain concerns, the small amount of material visible at one time versus intact physical textbook), they are frustrated with speed of loading the textbook and supplementary materials, or they have technology at home that is not readily compatible with the online book.
Grant Amount: $4,677.50 (1/2 of the request, 50 textbooks)

Grant Submitter: Roxanne Tibbits, Lena Lysakova, and Amanda Krueger
Grant Description: This grant partially-funded English Language Learner iPads for Atwater Elementary School, Lake Bluff Elementary School, Shorewood Intermediate School, and Shorewood High School. The iPads will allow the English Language Learners (ELL) newcomers to communicate with their teachers and peers before they become proficient in English. Readily accessible curriculum will boost their motivation, participation and enhance their acquisition of English.
Grant Amount: $3,880 (Funding 10, 30 Requested)

Grant Submitter: Virginia Kashian and Katie Kalt
Grant Description: This grant funded iPad Minis that will provide Lake Bluff students in primary grades access to technology that is suitable to their developmental levels. The iPads will enhance and individualize the current curricular goals in first and second grade including our district initiatives with Expeditionary Learning.
Grant Amount: $3,656

Grant Submitter: John Stanco and Deb Sakai
Grant Description: This grant funded the purchase of educational software (IXL) to support Math/Language Arts (ELA) goals at Atwater Elementary School. The software was initially piloted by a 5th grade teacher John Stanco, and then deployed into school- wide use for students in grades 1-6. IXL, a web-based software package, is highly capable of supporting student skill development/skill maintenance in the areas of Math and Language Arts. Strengths of IXL include progress monitoring, built-in rewards/incentives, virtually unlimited skill practice for a multitude of topics in the above-mentioned subject areas, and access both by skill area and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
Grant Amount: $2,625

Grant Submitter: Kristopher King
Grant Description: This grant helped fund the purchase of a SMART Board and projector for Mr. King’s science classroom at Shorewood High School. The instructional technology will improve Mr. King’s ability to deliver content to his students, allowing him to more effectively explain curricular concepts.
Grant Amount: $2,470

Grant Submitter: Sophia Dahlen
Grant Description: The grant funded the Digital Photography Initiative, the purchase of digital cameras at Shorewood Intermediate School. The digital cameras will empower the student and staff population, with the greatest impact on the Shorewood Intermediate School Art Department and Shorewood Snapshots ( school yearbook). By having these cameras, it will be possible to expose students to photographic composition, documentation and visual storytelling. The cameras being requested capture high quality still images and video.
Grant Amount: $2,199.75

Subsidies from the Designated Funds

STEAM: $7,910  towards Chromebook carts
Fine Arts: $2,199 towards a digital camera
Student Well Being and Recreation: $4,240 towards wellness carts
Total: $14,349