2016-17 Classroom Grants

2016-17 Grant Recipients

Shorewood SEED Foundation believes strong schools equal a strong community. Your donation to SEED helps provide teacher and district grants to enhance educational opportunities for our students.

$20,591.23 in grants funded during the 2016-17 school year

Grant Submitter: Jeff Zimpel and Mike Halloran
Grant Description: This grant funded new audio and visual recording equipment to be used in the Visual Journalism Class at Shorewood High School. Using print design, photography, video, and audio, students documented and told stories of the diverse and vibrant events in their local community. The grant project will also make this equipment available to students in AP Art classes and future editors of Ripples.
Grant Amount: $8,644.81

Grant Submitter: Kelly Steiner
Grant Description: This grant funded the purchase of Virtual Reality headsets for Shorewood Intermediate School, which were used to explore places that students learned about in class. Teachers guide students on tours through any of the 500 locations currently available via Google Excursions. The purchase of these headsets provided authentic experiential learning as well as increased cross-curricular opportunities for the students.
Grant Amount: $2,647.97

Grant Submitter: Liisa Church
Grant Description: This grant helped fund Lake Bluff Elementary School Stage Improvement, the purchase of commercial grade storage equipment used to house thousands of dollars of audio equipment that was being stored in the Lake Bluff stage. The equipment was unsecured, uncovered and vulnerable to dust, dirt, theft, and accidental damage. Issues this grant helped to eliminate.
Grant Amount: $2,500

Grant Submitter: Sam Nadolsky
Grant Description: This grant funded Language Arts Curriculum for Advanced Learning Guided Study at Shorewood Intermediate School. The curriculum, designed by the College of William and Mary for Gifted Education called The 1940s: A Decade of Change, was used by 7th and 8th graders.
Grant Amount: $2,314.45

Grant Submitter: John Stanco
Grant Description: This grant funded Making Maps Real, the purchase of handheld GPS units which help students develop strong map reading and interpreting abilities. For example, the units help the students understand abstract ideas of latitude and longitude to physically map coordinates using these skills.
Grant Amount: $2,304

Grant Submitter: Todd Fendos
Grant Description: This grant helped fund the replacement and refurbishing of books in Lake Bluff Elementary School’s second grade classrooms for use in small reading groups. These books will be used by both classrooms, and will replace some of the existing titles, as well as allow for a few new titles.
Grant Amount: $1,280

Grant Submitter: Annette Koerten
Grant Description: This grant partially-funded the purchase of cameras for the World Language Program at Shorewood Intermediate School.  The cameras will be used to capture and record student projects.
Grant Amount: $450 (partially-funded)

Grant Submitter: Julie Nolan
Grant Description: This grant funded the creation of an artful display board in the second floor west hallway of Lake Bluff Elementary School. It will enable English Language Learners, Band, Orchestra, and General Music teachers to showcase student work.
Grant Amount: $450