2019-20 Classroom Grants

2019-20 Grant Recipients

Shorewood SEED Foundation believes strong schools equal a strong community. Your donation to SEED helps provide teacher and district grants to enhance educational opportunities for our students.

$30,899 in grants funded during the 2019-20 school year

Grant Submitter: Katy Musuka & Cate Sebastian
Grant Description: This grant will enable an Increasing Equitable Outcomes through Phonological Awareness and Phonics Lessons curriculum for K5 – 2nd Grade students at Atwater & Lake Bluff Elementary Schools. Research indicates that starting phonological awareness training in kindergarten significantly reduces the number of students with reading difficulties in future years.
Grant Amount: $20,018

Grant Submitter: Amelia Hernandez
Grant Description: This grant will help fund the introduction of Digital Photography at Shorewood High School. Digital Photography offers students access to high quality DSLR equipment for graphic design and visual art classes. Students will learn manual camera settings, how to use the correct lenses and lighting for different applications, as well as principles of photography such as composition. Students will use their skills, and this equipment, to photograph events and people at SHS and beyond. We will be able to offer senior portraits to any students in need, and cover a greater number of school and community events.
Grant Amount: $7,000

Grant Submitter: Johanna French
Grant Description: This grant will fund Zearn, a software based math program that will provide Atwater & Lake Bluff Elementary School students with self-passed digital lessons that they are able to engage with independently. Zearn offers learners an interactive environment where skills are taught and conceptual understanding is developed using situations and experiences that are as true to life as possible.
Grant Amount: $5000.00

Grant Submitter: Sam Nadolsky
Grant Description: This grant funded new standing desks to be used in the Shorewood Intermediate School math classroom. These desks will help create a collaborative work environment for students to move around in while working, while also replacing some of the outdated attached desk/chair stations in the classroom.
Grant Amount: $871.04