SEEDs of Hope

The beguiling myriad of colors outside reminds us that autumn is here in spite of what our lives have looked like over the past seven months. The majestic landscapes in Shorewood are a bittersweet reminder that although the world feels as if it’s combusting, all seems calm and orderly in nature around us.

As we approach the start of Thanksgiving celebrations, it is challenging to reflect upon all the things we have to be thankful for when there’s so much garbage to sift through. While it is perfectly understandable to feel sadness and fear during this uncertain season, we want to inspire you with stories of hope that reflect the fortitude we have as a community and a district.

Shorewood has weathered crises before. In 2003, enrollment had dropped, and our school district faced significant budget shortfalls due to the public state funding formulas. Our educational programming was at risk, and Shorewood Intermediate School was under closure consideration so students could be consolidated at the three other campuses. SEED, an all-volunteer organization, was established that year to raise funds so the Shorewood School District could maintain the highest standard of excellence in education for all students K-12. Then as now, SEED donors provide essential funds to promote excellence in education for all students K-12, and to answer in times of need.

Since its founding, our donors have answered the call to ensure our children can depend on a robust, innovative education even when life is unpredictable. During more recent years, when district finances were ample to meet budgetary needs, SEED has been able to fund special initiatives that enrich the lives of our students and faculty.

From Authentic Learning to an equitable framework, or to accessibility to necessary devices during an unprecedented time, the generosity of our community has had an impact on a large host of people. We want to share with you some first hand accounts of how these seeds have grown and reaped a harvest in the lives of those around you. Some faces may be familiar and some new, and we invite you to read about their experiences so you have just a few more things to be grateful for this season.