SEED Helps Fund Eureka Math² Curriculum for all Elementary Students

Every September, at the beginning of each school year, my friends post hilarious videos of teachers and other educators to my Facebook page knowing that I work part time in an educational setting. Perhaps my favorite is comedian Louis CK questioning the intelligence of teachers—actually choosing this profession: “Umm, Hi what is this job?”“Ok. Here’s …

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Meet Laurie Burgos, Shorewood Schools Superintendent

If you’ve spent any time at all reading the comments section in the various Shorewood Facebook groups, you are familiar with the fact that there are many passionate community members with varied opinions. While some may be inclined to shy away from engaging with diverse opinions,  Shorewood Schools Superintendent, Laurie Burgos, has come in with …

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Have Fun this Summer & Support SEED

Are you looking for some fun new activities?Save these 6 dates to your calendar! Fresh 40 Inaugural Art Exhibition & Sale, June 3-4  Free and open to the public, this new event hosted by Dominion Properties will be a fun and unique way to socialize with friends and neighbors while purchasing local art! On display will …

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Might YOU Be This Year’s Lucky Winner

Pictures taken at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, fall of  2022. The Empey Family enjoys a get away at a magical place. “I honestly couldn’t believe it,” said last year’s Swing with Shorewood grand prize raffle winner, Carman Empey. “I heard my name called for the Southwest Airlines ticket voucher and I was shocked. We …

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Watershed Wisdom keeps inspiring SHS students to explore their natural surroundings — and themselves.

At the picnic table, students labor over camp stoves. One stirs a pan of red peppers sauteing in butter. Another is boiling pasta. Nearby, a guitarist jams, providing background music for the chefs. Later, the group of about 20 students gathers around a fire. Some read passages from Aldo Leopold, headlamps on page. Others are …

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A New Chapter in Early Literacy for Shorewood Schools

Cate Sebastian, Atwater Reading Intervention Specialist, sat down with SEED to discuss the importance of early literacy, “There’s more attention being paid to the science of reading. If you struggle to read it has lifelong impacts. It will impact every area of a child’s life.” Research indicates that reading habits have more influence on educational …

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SEED’s Copperdome Club

Copperdome Club logo

It’s beautiful, iconic, and unique, not to mention recently renovated and looking just as grand as the day it was first put on top of Shorewood High School. If you’ve never seen or heard of it, take a look next time you walk down Capitol Drive. The copperdome that sits atop SHS has been an …

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A Tradition of Excellence

Activity at Lake Bluff Elementary School.

Flowing ribbons of toilet paper adorned tree branches, bushes, and lawns as the sun rose in Shorewood and eager young students readied themselves for another exciting school year. As teachers welcomed each student and parents exchanged pleasantries, a popular topic was all the changes that were noticeable within the district. The newness of the renovated …

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Drumming up New Music Options at SIS

Shorewood Intermediate School Cadet Band student playing keyboard during practice session.1-web

The 7th graders enter class excited to create music, if not always sure what type they’ll make: Will they play guitar? Conga drums? Electric keyboard? The mix of music, and who plays each instrument, stays somewhat fluid. “They’re learning rhythm, they’re learning notes, and they’re learning musical terms on all these things,” says Justin Olson. …

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