SEED’s Copperdome Club

Copperdome Club logo

It’s beautiful, iconic, and unique, not to mention recently renovated and looking just as grand as the day it was first put on top of Shorewood High School. If you’ve never seen or heard of it, take a look next time you walk down Capitol Drive. The copperdome that sits atop SHS has been an …

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A Tradition of Excellence

Activity at Lake Bluff Elementary School.

Flowing ribbons of toilet paper adorned tree branches, bushes, and lawns as the sun rose in Shorewood and eager young students readied themselves for another exciting school year. As teachers welcomed each student and parents exchanged pleasantries, a popular topic was all the changes that were noticeable within the district. The newness of the renovated …

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Drumming up New Music Options at SIS

Shorewood Intermediate School Cadet Band student playing keyboard during practice session.1-web

The 7th graders enter class excited to create music, if not always sure what type they’ll make: Will they play guitar? Conga drums? Electric keyboard? The mix of music, and who plays each instrument, stays somewhat fluid. “They’re learning rhythm, they’re learning notes, and they’re learning musical terms on all these things,” says Justin Olson. …

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Stand Out, Look Sharp

John and Kate McLaughlin of The Brass Rooster and Hen House Hats (soon to be McLaughlin & Hayes Hat Co.).

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for Swing With Shorewood, SEED’s main fundraising event, you’ll want to do that now as space is limited. This year’s gala is going to be an unforgettable night! Step One: Get your tickets before they sell out here. Step Two: Book an appointment at The Brass Rooster & Hen …

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Off to the Races at Swing with Shorewood 2022!

Swing with Shorewood 2022.

The Shorewood SEED Foundation’s annual Swing with Shorewood fundraiser has had many iterations through the years, from a more casual live auction first held in 2004 at Lakefront Brewery, to a virtual talent show event held in 2021, due to the pandemic. We’re excited to welcome everyone back in person on Saturday, May 7, 2022 …

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Let’s Go Back to the Future

Dr. Joann Sternke, Interim Superintendent for Shorewood Schools.

Great Scott! It’s October 2021 and we are on the tail end of a global pandemic that shut down every city, upended children from schools, and changed the world as we knew it! No, this isn’t the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s real life and each one of you has lived through it. Things …

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Good Thinking!

The first set of teachers attending Design Thinking Workshops.

Maybe you’ve been involved in a conversation around education in Shorewood and happened to hear the phrase “Design Thinking” dropped. Perhaps like most people, you scratched your head wondering what it meant and were befuddled by how it connects to what we as stakeholders see in Shorewood classrooms. It’s quite possible you’ve never heard about …

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This Saturday, Swing Meets Showcase

Swing Meets Showcase 2021

About 13 months ago, Shorewood parents, staff, and stakeholders funneled into Discovery World to attend Swing with Shorewood, not realizing it would be the last big event most would attend for the next several months. Within a week of the fundraiser the novel Coronavirus had changed the way our schools, nation, and world would operate …

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Swing with Shorewood Continues to Evolve

Swing Meets Showcase 2021 event banner.

Everyone would agree that a key component to being successful this year is the ability to be flexible and adapt to change. That has always been the case for SEED’s largest fundraising event, Swing with Shorewood, usually held in early March each year. This year will certainly look different, but it has looked different before …

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