Donor Support for Technology

SEED Donor Support for Technology Has Made a Significant Impact

Who knew we would experience a Pandemic?

Without SEED support, many teachers and students would not have a technology device available to them at home, nor would the District have enough devices for both students and staff.

Your SEED Donations matter! SEED donors made possible half of the Chrome books being requested by parents for their child to use at home. And of the 120 Macbook Airs purchased for teachers, SEED Donors made 60 of those possible. Thank You!

In 2017-18, SEED donors generously raised $147,000 in 2017-18 for the multi-year District Technology plan for all 4 schools. These funds purchased 120 Macbook Airs for our teachers and the remaining funds are budgeted to purchase additional devices in 5-7 years when the current devices will need replacing, hence creating a sustainable plan that will assist the District into 2033 or longer!

Previous to the District Technology plan, SEED Donors contributed to several classroom chrome book carts.

All of these SEED Donors’ contributions make a Difference Today!

YOU make a difference!
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