Meet Laurie Burgos, Shorewood Schools Superintendent

If you’ve spent any time at all reading the comments section in the various Shorewood Facebook groups, you are familiar with the fact that there are many passionate community members with varied opinions. While some may be inclined to shy away from engaging with diverse opinions,  Shorewood Schools Superintendent, Laurie Burgos, has come in with …

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Drumming up New Music Options at SIS

Shorewood Intermediate School Cadet Band student playing keyboard during practice session.1-web

The 7th graders enter class excited to create music, if not always sure what type they’ll make: Will they play guitar? Conga drums? Electric keyboard? The mix of music, and who plays each instrument, stays somewhat fluid. “They’re learning rhythm, they’re learning notes, and they’re learning musical terms on all these things,” says Justin Olson. …

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Off to the Races at Swing with Shorewood 2022!

Swing with Shorewood 2022.

The Shorewood SEED Foundation’s annual Swing with Shorewood fundraiser has had many iterations through the years, from a more casual live auction first held in 2004 at Lakefront Brewery, to a virtual talent show event held in 2021, due to the pandemic. We’re excited to welcome everyone back in person on Saturday, May 7, 2022 …

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Good Thinking!

The first set of teachers attending Design Thinking Workshops.

Maybe you’ve been involved in a conversation around education in Shorewood and happened to hear the phrase “Design Thinking” dropped. Perhaps like most people, you scratched your head wondering what it meant and were befuddled by how it connects to what we as stakeholders see in Shorewood classrooms. It’s quite possible you’ve never heard about …

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SEED Foundation Receives Bequest from Shorewood Alumna to Support ‘Educate Forward’ Endowment

The Shorewood Supporters of Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) Foundation has received a bequest in the amount of $200,000 donated by Carol Habeck, a 1950 Shorewood High School graduate. This legacy gift will support the SEED Foundation’s Educate Forward Endowment Fund, which was established to provide long-term, sustainable support for educational grants that benefit the Shorewood School District …

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Donor Support for Technology

SEED Donor Support for Technology Has Made a Significant Impact Who knew we would experience a Pandemic? Without SEED support, many teachers and students would not have a technology device available to them at home, nor would the District have enough devices for both students and staff. Your SEED Donations matter! SEED donors made possible …

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SEED Donor Support for Design Thinking Fellows

For three years, SEED donors have annually funded $16,000 to support the Design Thinking Fellow program which is partnership between the Shorewood School District and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Lubar Entrepreneurship Center. 27 Shorewood teachers have participated, over 15 courses have been re-designed and developed and the IMPACT for our students is significant for …

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SEED Donor Support for SEED Think Space

SEED donors made possible with $25,000, this newly renovated, innovative and modern work space at our Shorewood High School. Learn about the IMPACT of how this new work space is assisting our high school students. YOU make a difference!One gift, so much impact! What will you fund?DONATE to SEED’s Annual Campaign Tax ID Number: 04-3750042

SEED Donor Support for New Director of Equity

Meet Sam Coleman, our new Director for Equity. SEED donors funded $70,000 for his position with an additional installment of $35,000 for next year. SEED donors make a significant IMPACT for all of our students. Make an IMPACT. Be a SEED Donor YOU make a difference!One gift, so much impact! What will you fund?DONATE to …

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