The Man in the Yellow Hat

The Man in the Yellow Hat looks out over the lakefront with his friend Curious George.

If you were walking the streets of Shorewood this fall and thought you imagined seeing Curious George prancing around with the Man in the Yellow Hat, no, your eyes did not deceive you. That was Thomas Dittl, a 1st grade teacher at Atwater Elementary, finding a creative way to engage with his students. “Two weeks …

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Donor Support for Technology

SEED Donor Support for Technology Has Made a Significant Impact Who knew we would experience a Pandemic? Without SEED support, many teachers and students would not have a technology device available to them at home, nor would the District have enough devices for both students and staff. Your SEED Donations matter! SEED donors made possible …

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SEED Donor Support for the District Technology Plan

SEED donors generously raised $147,000 in 2017-18 for the multi-year District Technology plan for all 4 schools. Learn about the IMPACT of the first installment of $45,000 for our third grade students at Atwater Elementary School. SEED donors make a difference! YOU make a difference!One gift, so much impact! What will you fund?DONATE to SEED’s …

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