A Lifelong Commitment to Education

Shorewood School District Superintendent, Dr. Bryan Davis posing for a picture in front of school.

Dr. Bryan Davis, our Shorewood School District Superintendent, has committed to and nurtured a lifelong dedication to public education over the last 23 years. His mother, grandmother, and great grandmother were Wisconsin public school teachers, and their influence helped to guide Dr. Davis in his choice to pursue a career in public education.  Since graduating …

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The Man in the Yellow Hat

The Man in the Yellow Hat looks out over the lakefront with his friend Curious George.

If you were walking the streets of Shorewood this fall and thought you imagined seeing Curious George prancing around with the Man in the Yellow Hat, no, your eyes did not deceive you. That was Thomas Dittl, a 1st grade teacher at Atwater Elementary, finding a creative way to engage with his students. “Two weeks …

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SEEDs of Hope

Atwater Park view sun starting to rise over Lake Michigan.

The beguiling myriad of colors outside reminds us that autumn is here in spite of what our lives have looked like over the past seven months. The majestic landscapes in Shorewood are a bittersweet reminder that although the world feels as if it’s combusting, all seems calm and orderly in nature around us. As we …

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