Change in the Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award has been presented to 52 teachers over the past seven years. Teachers have been selected for the Award based on a professional portfolio that demonstrated their high-quality work with students and presented to the Excellence in Teaching Committee. We will change the Award process this year to acknowledge the multiple …

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Shorewood Excellence in Teaching Award

Shorewood Teacher Award logo.

This is the year, more than ever, to recognize your beloved teachers by nominating them for the Shorewood Excellence in Teaching Award. This annual award recognizes teachers who demonstrate a deep commitment to academic and artistic achievement, model professional and innovative teaching practices, and inspire students, colleagues, and the community with their dedication and leadership. SEED …

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2019-20 Shorewood Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

The Shorewood Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes the highest professional achievements in collaborative teaching. Congratulations to this years award winners! 2019-20 Shorewood Excellence in Teaching Award Todd Bell, Atwater Elementary School: Special Education Teacher Joshua Becker, Atwater and Lake Bluff Elementary School: Spanish Teacher Annette Koerten, Shorewood Intermediate School: French Teacher Sheila Mooney, Shorewood High …

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