Watershed Wisdom keeps inspiring SHS students to explore their natural surroundings — and themselves.

At the picnic table, students labor over camp stoves. One stirs a pan of red peppers sauteing in butter. Another is boiling pasta. Nearby, a guitarist jams, providing background music for the chefs. Later, the group of about 20 students gathers around a fire. Some read passages from Aldo Leopold, headlamps on page. Others are …

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SEED’s Copperdome Club

Copperdome Club logo

It’s beautiful, iconic, and unique, not to mention recently renovated and looking just as grand as the day it was first put on top of Shorewood High School. If you’ve never seen or heard of it, take a look next time you walk down Capitol Drive. The copperdome that sits atop SHS has been an …

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Good Thinking!

The first set of teachers attending Design Thinking Workshops.

Maybe you’ve been involved in a conversation around education in Shorewood and happened to hear the phrase “Design Thinking” dropped. Perhaps like most people, you scratched your head wondering what it meant and were befuddled by how it connects to what we as stakeholders see in Shorewood classrooms. It’s quite possible you’ve never heard about …

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Swing with Shorewood Continues to Evolve

Swing Meets Showcase 2021 event banner.

Everyone would agree that a key component to being successful this year is the ability to be flexible and adapt to change. That has always been the case for SEED’s largest fundraising event, Swing with Shorewood, usually held in early March each year. This year will certainly look different, but it has looked different before …

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Youth Rising Up Rises to the Moment

YRU advisors Brandon Hemphill & Nelson Brown at SHS prom.

Campus Supervisors Brandon Hemphill and Nelson Brown are so integral to Shorewood High School that principal Tim Kenney wants to change their title. “I’m trying to get them to call themselves Campus Relations Experts, because they are SO MUCH MORE than Campus Supervisors,” Tim says with emphasis. Nelson and Brandon are in a unique position …

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